Duration: 09:00am on June 22 to 17:00pm on July 21, Beijing time
Amplify your global business opportunities

Global Cooperation

This online platform is created by China Ceramic Industrial Association and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Messe Muenchen India, powered by CERAMICS CHINA, INDIAN CERAMICS ASIA and CERAMITEC, supported by various global ceramics associations.

Break through Covid-19

From "Face to face" to "Screen to screen", highly interactive with intelligent connectivity, efficient solution for trade talks & virtual transactions.

Highlights and Benefits

Global Networking

300+ outstanding exhibitors, 5,000+ global buyers.

Online Showcase

Combination of text, image and video to fully demonstrate exhibitors’ products and corporate capacity.

Real-time Interaction

Available for online real-time interaction via text, voice and video, etc.

Prefixed Appointment

Prefix your business appointments with targeted clients for effective communication.

Smart Matching

Suppliers and buyers are automatically matched according to supply and demand tags.

Live Webcast

Live webcast is available for product marketing, while live webcast replay is also available for buyers.

Cost Effective

Effective participation without any travel and logistic costs.

30 days X 24 hours

No time and space constraints from June 22nd to July 21st.


Complete Ceramic Industrial Chain

End-users: building ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware, artistic ceramics and industrial ceramics, etc.

Exhibits: raw materials, decorative materials, refractory and abrasives, processing machinery and equipment, dryers and kilns, glazing system, finishing equipment, packaging and storage solutions, environmental technology, spare parts, molds, tools and design services, etc.

Latest Innovations and Know-hows
Automation/smart production line
Production & processing technology of sintered stone and slab
Green and sustainable solutions
Digital factory solutions
New generation of ceramic decoration ecosystem
Innovative materials